Monday, February 9, 2009

A touch of this and that

Try adding "a touch" to your foods - little nutrient content and usually big on taste. When eating well, have you tried adding "a touch" of what you love eating to your food but not going overboard? For example, if you add a tablespoon of sorbet to your fruit and nut snack, it turns the snack to an indulgent one and still permissible. Similarly, an ounce or two of a healthy version of cream of mushroom soup, asparagus soup, etc. could make all the difference to your vegetable servings and meal. Go for the lowest saturated fat, calorie and carbohydrate version you can find. Some of us may need to watch sodium added and sodium labels. If you can stick to grocery foods under 500 mg of sodium per serving, it might be a good thing. I keep my saturated fat as low as possible while still getting enough mono and unsaturated fat in my diet. I'm on a stay away from dairy diet right now.

Enjoy your touch ups!

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