Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What you don't measure, doesn't count especially when eating out

This turns out to be true in terms of the way we behave even though logically we know that it is far from correct.  It turns out that we have a short memory about what we eat in part because we are so unconscious about much of what we eat. While eating we are often multitasking - talking to someone we are eating with, eating while we prepare our food, watching television eating until the show is over rather than until we are full.   We also don't remember because we are subconsciously tuning out what we are eating so that it will be acceptable. The best example of this is what many do when they eat out. When eating out or taking in "take-out", we relinquish responsibility for portion size and many other choices. It comes with the meal; I'm treating myself (although often without any boundaries at all).

Some answers are to have a glass of water first, then a bowl of soup or salad before the meal. If you eat bread first, you will likely consume 100 calories without any spread or dip before you even get started on your meal. Keep in mind how long it takes your brain to register your food consumption which can be from 5 to 20 minutes which is why you should stop eating when you are less than full. If you know you've ordered a  large portion, ask the restaurant to put half in a to go container and not put it on your plate.  If you are still hungry, it's there but you need to take the food out of the sealed take out box.

Vegans need to supplement with Vit B12 Read this

As more and more people are moving towards vegan diets for health, I have heard that many are not aware that vegan diets are typically deficient in Vitamin B12 essential for health. The following post is one of the best I've read addressing this issue.



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