Monday, July 22, 2013

Healthy Ways to Drink Coffee

I love coffee. Somehow it's never made me jittery and science shows that at least for some of us, there is finally a recognition of that a cup or two of the brew daily is a good thing. I tend to drink coffee either in the morning as a mid-day pick me up or after a meal. The coffee I drink is either black, as regular coffee or espresso or a bolder type such as French Roast. Occasionally, I'll go for a non-fat latte in the afternoon.

There are other times that I want a touch of flavor in my coffee so once in a while I would experiment with adding different combos at home to my coffee. So I look around for ideas that would add perhaps 20-50 calories to my zero calorie coffee.

Here are a few ideas I came up with:
1) Add dark cocoa and one packet of raw sugar, stevia or the equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar.
2) Add an ounce of your favoirite meal shake to add nutriition and more importantly protein to your coffee.
3) Add coffee to your chocolate or vanilla shake. You can also add cinnamon.

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