Friday, November 5, 2010

Gluten free or not

It's a choice you definitely should consider if you are symptomatic. If gluten is an irritant for you, you will feel better quickly, if you don't notice a difference, by all means enjoy the many foods containing this protein.

Often only those diagnosed with Celiac disease are told to be on a gluten free diet but many of us react to gluten, or are either not diagnosed with the disease or the disease is not sufficiently progressed for this diagnosis. If you are one of those that are suffering, listen to your body even if the test for Celiac disease is not positive.

Should you decide to try a gluten free diet, consider supplementing your diet with the nutritients you may be eliminating such and B vitamins and fiber. Beloved broccoli and many green vegetables are a better source of these nutrients than most gluten based products.

If you are currently relying on bread and other gluten based products for your B vitamins and fiber, you need to check nutritional labels to see if you are really getting enough of what you need in terms of nutrients.  Whenever you are eliminating types of foods from your diet, always consider what nutrients you are eliminating and how you might need to supplement you diet accordingly.

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