Monday, August 9, 2010

Eat whatever you want just not too much of anything

Eat what you want, just not too much of the foods that we know are high in sugar, fat and salt without providing much in the way of nutrients.

In fact, the more we eat foods that have lots of nutrients, the better the likelihood that we will not exceed our caloric requirements and will meet our nutrient needs. While we don't have to deny ourselves any of foods that we love, we do need to keep foods high in sugar, salt and fat limited to smaller portions and learn how to "fit" these foods or a satisfying substitute into our diet.

In the 70's, the FDA listed some foods to be "Generally Recognized As Safe". Concerns about additives and other ingredients led to the much government research to determine acceptable levels that would not lead to cancer or ill health. After years of this research, it was concluded that all substances consumed in high enough quantities even theose considered "safe"  would lead to unfavorable health risks and the research program was abandoned.

Foodfitter Tip: Eat a piece of your favorite chocolate after your main meal. One Lindt or Ghiradelli square after dinner is a great treat. A chocolate pudding is another way to finish your meal with a sweet indulgence that will not raise your blood sugar and is great dessert under 100 calories. If you prefer to eat fruit for dessert, try fresh fruit in season or a serving of fruit packaged in it's own juice rather than in sugar syrup.

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